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Do you know that Ethereum is one of the most used Open Source Blockchain for DApps development? Ethereum is decentralized Blockchain intended for creating smart contracts which are self-executable.

the applications never shut down unexpectedly and can never be switched off.


Ethereum nodes (computers running the protocol) are distributed around the world eliminating censorship from a central authority.


the contract cannot be changed, hacked, or manipulated.

Third parties

the contract self-executes and therefore does not require an intermediary.

Benefits of choosing our Ethereum Services

Private internet

You don't need to provide all your personal details to use an Ethereum app. Ethereum is building an economy based on value, not surveillance.


No government or company has control over Ethereum. This decentralization makes it nearly impossible for anyone to stop you from receiving payments or using services on Ethereum.

Commerce guarantees

Ethereum creates a more level playing field. Customers have a secure, built-in guarantee that funds will only change hands if you provide what was agreed.

Peer-to-peer network

Ethereum allows you to move money, or make agreements, directly with someone else. You don't need to go through intermediary companies.

Industries which utilize Ethereum Services


Not everyone has access to financial services. But all you need to access Ethereum and its lending, borrowing and savings products is an internet connection.


Drive innovative mobility services, supply chain traceability and more secure financial transactions.


Ensure data stewardship to protect citizen information, maintain trust and ensure the accuracy of public records.


Streamline clinical data across organizations and enable patients to control their medical data to increase the quality of care.

Media and entertainment

Build an ecosystem of trust around digital content usage — music, movies, television, advertising, loyalty points and more.

Travel and transportation

Speed transactions, reduce fraud and streamline operations to move passengers, personnel and parcels more efficiently.

Retail and consumer goods

Harness blockchain to reinvent the product authenticity, operational excellence and consumer experience.


Revolutionize the trust that powers insurance with an immutable foundation of transparency and shared purpose.

Working on the next big thing?

You have the great vision, we have the required skills to bring it to the life. Let’s build it together.

How to hire Ethereum Blockchain Developer from Lapits

Steps 04



Connect with our Blockchain Experts – email/skype/chat/call



Share your primary requirement and consult



Let us draft a SOW and technical specification document


04. HIRE

Sign the contract and get your developer/team hired

LAPITS - the design principle

Each project follows lapits design principle to meet the client expectations.













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Why Choose lapits?

“We’re on a mission to build a better future where technology creates good jobs and marvelous labor-saving inventions for everyone. As technology enters its explosive period of growth, the Internet and associated technologies are flourishing in a dramatic way.”
Nothing speaks as loud as continuously executing at a high level. It shows we have a well-established process.It shows that we have the brain power to think through and effectively communicate the strategy. And, it shows that our designers and developers can compellingly translate strategy into a coherennt.
We work with every sector of the industry. In working with dozens of change-making organizations, we understand how to leverage the right marketing mix to amplify their mission-driven work, while addressing the challenges and opportunities.
You have a vision for how blockchain can change your business. We have the expertise and the design process to make it happen. Let’s talk today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In general you do not want to store large files or pieces of data in the Ethereum blockchain because of the high cost of storage. You will need to use a third party storage solution, such as Swarm or IPFS. Swarm is an Ethereum-specific project for distributed file storage. IPFS is an non-Ethereum project which has close ties to Ethereum; it will be used independently and may be used as an added layer underlying Swarm in the future. See this Ethereum StackExchange post on the topic for more information.
Only in the sense that it uses a blockchain, which Bitcoin pioneered. Ethereum has a separate blockchain that has several significant technical differences from Bitcoin’s blockchain. See this Ethereum StackExchange answer for a detailed explanation.
Ethereum developers are planning a switch from a Proof-of-Work consensus model to a Proof-of-Stake consensus model in the future. They are also investigating scalability solutions and how to store secrets on the blockchain.
An account is your public / private key pair file that serves as your identity on the blockchain. See “account” in the glossary. A “wallet contract” is an Ethereum contract that secures your ether and identity with features such as multisignature signing and programmed deposit/withdrawal limits. A wallet contract can be easily created in the Mist Ethereum Wallet GUI client.
No, you are welcome to export or move the keyfile, but always remember to backup your keyfiles and be aware of which computers you store your keyfile on.
The Ethereum blockchain is constantly growing, and is nearing 10GB as of March 2016. The amount of time it will take to download depends on the amount of peers you are able to connect to, your internet connection speed, and other factors. See the download-the-blockchain-faster section for tips on syncing the blockchain more quickly.

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