Smart Contract Audit

Even a single vulnerability in a Smart Contract can led to loss of million dollars’ worth tokens. Hire an unbiased rock-solid Smart Contract Security Auditor to ensure that your DeFi, NFT or any other smart contract is secured, bug free and uses best practices. We have witnessed some of the greatest loss of funds in the history

The Process

Smart Contract Security Analysis

A smart contract security audit is an accurate and thorough analysis of application smart contracts. The main aim of such an audit is to detect and eliminate smart contract vulnerabilities as well as check the reliability of the contracts’ interactions between each other. A high level of security and code quality are the main requirements for developing a good smart contract. There are two approaches for auditing smart contract security – manual and automatic. Here we described our process of conducting an audit –

  • Understand technical specification – whitepaper or any supported document
  • Manual code review – check for quality & best practices
  • Automated analysis – static & symbolic analysis by our tools
  • Gas usage analysis
  • Ensures maximum test coverage
  • Generate report

Smart contract audits are done by professionals who are rock-solid developers & Auditors 

– Laxman Singh, Founder & CEO @lapits

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Projects that need smart contract audit

Although any smart contract which deals with funds should qualify for Smart Contract Audit but for your quick reference,
we have outlined most popular type of projects that need smart contract audit.

Token Contracts

Smart Contracts that are used for Token e.g ERC20, TRC20, BEP20, etc

Crowdsale Contracts

Smart Contracts that are used for ICO, STO or any other fundraiser

DeFi Contracts

Smart Contracts that are used for DeFi protocols for swap, farming, lending, borrowing, etc.

dApp Contracts

Smart Contracts that are used for dApp which may be a game or utility app

NFT Marketplace

Smart Contracts that are used for NFT Tokens e.g ERC721, ERC1155, etc

Staking Contracts

Smart Contracts that are used for staking where funds are locked for a period.


It is important to ensure that your smart contract doesn’t have any known vulnerabilities, use best practices, optimized for the gas usage otherwise it may cause you forever loss of funds.

Actual cost depends upon the several factors such as smart contract type, lines of code, level of complexity, vulnerability scan, etc. Generally it lies between $2000 to several thousand dollars.

In most of the cases we generate report in 48 hours or can take a week max.

Yes, we can assist you on addressing the identified bugs, vulnerabilities, and optimize the code. Having said that, the required efforts will be estimated separately.

Auditing smart contract prevent security attacks, address vulnerabilities, optimize the code, suggest best practices, detect logical & syntactical errors, saves money and time both.

Yes, We provide Smart Contract Development service to cater any of your need that may a token creation, NFT, DeFi, Escrow, MLM, Insurance, Staking, Payment, Service Agreement, etc.

Yes, any extension of the service may require efforts estimation.

Yes, you can. We are one stop solution for your any need of the blockchain development. We are not only skilled with blockchain technology & tools but frontend and backend technologies too.

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