Tron Blockchain
Development & Consultation

Tron is a cheaper and more efficient blockchain with high TPS
Which is widely being used by Gaming, Rewards & Incentives, Content Entertainment industry. Hire Tron Blockchain Developers to build your dApp, Token, NFT, DeFi, or any other Smart Contract.

Tron Development Services

Token Development

TRC10, TRC20, TRC721 are the token standard supported by Tron blockchain. We create your token using these standards depending upon your use case and deply the same on Tron blockchain. TRC721 is primarily used to create NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contracts is self-executable contract that runs on the blockchain which creates trust between parties. Our experienced blockchain developers can help you write & deploy smart contracts for any use case : MLM, Escrow, Staking, NFT, DeFi, etc.

dApp Development

Our team of blockchain experts and full stack developers help you build most advanced and secure dApps. Over 3560 dApps have been built since 2015 and it is still part of growing crypto movement. Integration of blockchain wallet like klever, smart contract and decentralized storage are the primary development responsibilities

Wallet Development

Depending upon the requirement, wallet can be mobile app or it can be a web application. Widely built types of wallet are HD wallet where you hold private keys, Multisig wallet which requires multiple parties to sign the transactions. Such wallets are secured and can be integrated with cold or any device wallets like nano. Use cases are payment transfer, exchanges, etc.

Benefits of Tron Blockchain

Industries using Tron Blockchain

Digital Content & Entertainment

Video producers, Artists and music producers. Internet marketers and enterprises. Anyone seeking to monetize their content

Retail and consumer goods

Harness blockchain to reinvent the product authenticity, operational excellence and consumer experience.


Revolutionize the trust that powers insurance with an immutable foundation of transparency and shared purpose.

Gaming, reward & staking

Low fee, high TPS of Tron blokchain has helped gaming & rewards industry utilize blockchain to automate reward distributions

Looking to hire Tron Blockchain developer?

Lapits, the early adopter of this new age technology, has recently been awarded as one of the most promising Blockchain Solution providers from India.

How to hire Tron Blockchain Developer from Lapits

Steps 04



Connect with our Blockchain Experts – email/skype/chat/call



Share your primary requirement and consult



Let us draft a SOW and technical specification document


04. HIRE

Sign the contract and get your developer/team hired

LAPITS - the design principle

Each project follows lapits design principle to meet customer expectations.













Why choose lapits?

Since 2017, We being an early adopter of this new age Blockchain Technology, have practically experienced most of this technology. Also, We have recently been awarded as the promising blockchain solutions provider from India. 

Nothing speaks as loud as solutions you built are working successfully. We have implemented & integrated most of the blockchains available today – Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Polkadot, just to name a few. We have technology experts & leaders who will help you build your product from start to end. Our services include DeFi, NFT, Coin/Token, Smart Contract, Wallet, Exchange development etc.

We work with industries – Medical & Healthcare, Music & Entertainment, Food & Restaurants, Exchanges & Financial Institutions, Games & Sports, Logistic & Supply chain, Referrals & Rewards etc. In working with dozens of change-making organizations, we understand how to leverage our expertise to amplify your mission-driven work, while addressing the challenges and opportunities.

We majorly work with three service models – Dedicated, Hourly and Fixed Cost. Depending upon the project size, length and allocated budget, you can choose anyone of these models to satisfy your requirements. 

You have a vision for how blockchain can change your business. We have the expertise and the design process to make it happen. Let’s talk today.

Our Satisfied Clients

Here are some of our esteemed clients for whom Lapits took their vision to reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tron Cryptocurrency (TRX) is a decentralized, digital content entertainment system.Whilst it was only launched in 2017, here’s what we know about Tron so far:

  • It’s one of the biggest blockchains in the world.
  • The actual currency of Tron is Tronix.
  • Tron is designed to decentralize content on the web.
  • It’s kind of like a blockchain powered Netflix.
  • Tron sites in the top 10 cryptocurrencies on the market right now.
  • Over 1 million people hold TRX.
  • It’s a non-profit organisationTron Cryptocurrency (TRX) is a decentralized, digital content entertainment system.

TRX aims to address the problem of decentralization and censorship on the web. In fact, Tron’s vision has been labelled as Web 4.0. But what problem does that solve? In a world where it’s claimed Facebook and Amazon can influence 75% of the internet, corporations have a significant stronghold over the web’s content. These platforms don’t actually create their own content, but they depend on their users to create it. However, content creators (like bloggers & vloggers) often aren’t rewarded as much as they maybe should be.

Let’s take a look at the facts:
Creating content isn’t easy. It’s actually quite demanding.
90% of online businesses fail. Website owners often struggle to make their projects profitable.
64% of content creators struggle to produce regularly.
Even YouTubers with over 1 million views per month struggle to earn $17,000 or more per year

So what is Tron about? Well, Tron is designed to create a more liberal, fairer worldwide content entertainment system.In a world where content producers – vloggers, bloggers, photographers – often have to go through third parties to make money from their content, Tron aims to cut out the middleman.Let’s say you’re a vlogger wanting to monetize your content:

You could use affiliate links via Amazon.
You could insert ads to your videos via YouTube.
You could use Google’s AdSense network.

But all if you use any third parties like YouTube, Amazon or Google, you’re at their mercy. They basically decide if you get paid, how much you get paid and how you’ll get paid.You essentially have no control – even though you’re doing all the work.For example, if you’re using Amazon affiliate links then you need a disclaimer on every page of your website.

Or if you’re posting your videos on YouTube, then you have to be careful about censorship rules.So Tron basically puts the power back into the hands of a content producer. There’s no censorship, no worrying about payments and no issues with ‘advertisement-friendly’ guidelines.

Tron rewards content producers with it’s Tronix token. Let’s compare it to Netflix for example:

Users pay a monthly membership to Netflix for content. This content is made by producers but controlled and managed by Netflix. Netflix is the middleman, taking a cut from the producers for distributing content to it’s paying members.

So what does Tron cryptocurrency do differently?
Content producers upload the content e.g. photographers would upload their photos. The audience pays content producers directly. Rewards and payments are distributed via Tron’s blockchain. There’s no middleman taking a slice of the pie. And overall, the internet could become much more decentralized, more content driven and more rewarding for the people who help create it. Of course, this is all speculative.

It sure sounds nice, but it’s hard not to be cynical.

Overall, Tron aims to create a level playing field. It’s completely decentralised via the blockchain.Therefore, the benefits of Tron’s content entertainment system are:

Content producers receive more rewards. 
As the internet is dominated by content (social media, Google, YouTube etc), Tron ensures there’s no overarching authority controlling the internet.
Tron is more efficient, cutting out the middleman.
It eliminates the problems associated with creating advertisement friendly content.
There’s no censorship.
It’s automated via Tron’s blockchain protocol.

This therefore eliminates the monopoly content firms have over the internet.

The other advantage of Tron is that it could help resolve the issue of net neutrality. As consumers, we want the right to our privacy right? Most people would agree that they want control over their data and the content they see. But what if third parties could view your data and influence how you view the internet? On an extreme level, can you imagine how dangerous that could be?

It could influence a presidential election.
Public perceptions of certain issues could be swayed.
Propaganda could easily be used to manipulate people.

Personally, this stuff doesn’t worry me too much. But I can see the dangers in ending net neutrality.And of course, implementing complete net neutrality is difficult to administer too. Especially when huge third party platforms like Google or Facebook can easily influence what we see and when we see it (if they wanted).With Tron’s proposed decentralization model, it’s creating a world where no third parties can influence what we see. This hands back control to us as users of the internet.

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