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    Blockchain Services we offer

    Smart Contract

    We plan, write and deploy smart contracts in Solidity and chaincode.

    Audit Smart Contract

    We audit smart contracts to ensure security, fraud & vulnerable protection.

    Wallet Development

    We build mobile and web wallets with security features like 2FA, IP & address whitelisting.

    Exchange Development

    We develop order matching and processing algorithms. Exchange mechanism for market, limit orders.

    Coin Development

    ERC20, TRC20, Stable Coin and other fungilble and non-fungible token development and fork blockchains.

    ICO/STO Development

    We are top notch ICO/STO development service provider. We also provide airdrop services.

    DeFi Development

    It is latest trend we have seen in the crypto industry. Our experts help businesses to build their world class DeFi platform

    dApp Development

    This has been for long in the industry and we have ample experience in designing & developing dApp platform.

    Crypto Payment Gateway

    We help businesses to build or integrate crypto payment gateway solutions for merchants.

    Trade Bots & Data processing

    Trade bots are in high demand. We built such bot to automate trades. You make profit while you even sleep.

    Checkout our products

    Bitbatua - Crypto Payment Gateway

    It is cryptocurrency payment gateway, wallet, invoice management and much more..

    logistain-Supply chain management

    Purpose built on blockchain technology to ensure complete transparency in supply chain..

    blocksure-Smart Insurance settlement

    Trust-less insurance and automatic claim settlement product which uses smart contract..

    IDwallet-Smart ID Wallet for documents

    Blockchain-based ID/Documents wallet which facilitate sharing/accessing records..

    iAudit-A tool for smart contract audit

    Platform which audits smart contract code line by line against security & vulnerable parameters..

    iTokenize-tokennization of assets

    Blockchain-based platform converting physical (and non-physical) assets into digital tokens..

    Do you belong to one of these industries?

    Supply Chain

    Smart contracts facilitate logistics & payment-processing partners.
    Trust & Transparency Blockchain embeds transparency in all transactions.


    Supply chain transparency, Patient-centric electronic health records, Smart contracts for insurance and supply chain settlements ,Medical staff credential verification, IoT security for remote monitoring

    Finance & Banking

    Reduce the charge per transaction in cross border payments. Banks are using blockchain to make cross border payments faster & secure. Besides cost optimization, it also helps in increasing transparency.

    Real Estate

    Emergency management, Supply chain management and logistics, Green Certificates, Shared ownership and investment, Tokenization and NFTs, Decentralized Identity Integrations, AML and KYC.

    Art & Artist

    An NFT (non-fungible token) is a unit of data stored on the Ethereum blockchain. NFT art sees original artwork linked to the NFT, as a form of certification that the artwork is original, so the digital art can be replicated but the token cannot.

    Food & Restaurant

    It can be used to improve quality control and food safety. Tracking Guests, Tracking Food, Loyalty Tokens, Smart Contracts, Platform for Information Sharing.

    LAPITS - the design principle

    Each project follows lapits design principle to meet  customer expectations.













    Your convenience is Our experts key points

    Our experts will work according to you.
    Round the clock support

    Uses Round the clock, surveillance is keeping an eye on things 24 hours a day.

    Cost Effective

    It is being effective without wasting time or effort or expense.

    Simple & Flexible

    We work simply and work flexibly according to the client demands.

    Agile Methodology

    Demands and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams.

    Effective and Efficiency

    Both are included in every step of working.

    100% Client Satisfaction

    We only believe and work on the satisfaction of the clients.

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